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With Google's popular email service Gmail in the market, Microsoft decided to give it a tough competition with the all new Outlook.com. Outlook, the email client which once, came along with every Microsoft operating system, is now ready to take over the web with it's Metro User interface other kickass features. The Metro UI has fascinated us since it was first introduced in various Windows phones, the accent colors, segoe font family, and the in depth priority given to minimalism is just plain awesome. 

Users can connect their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype and all the other popular social media accounts to this one single gem. With no advertisements, the current interface looks simple and classy. Giving us an all new modern mail experience some of the top features of Outlook are:

1. Share and collaborate with Office

Open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with full fidelity right in your inbox. Save Office documents, photos or other large files and share them with friends without having to deal with attachments, using SkyDrive.

2. Alive with your people

Your Outlook.com address book comes alive with today’s photos, statuses and updates. You can see your friends’ photos and the latest updates from OutlookFacebook or other social networks.

3. Automate your inbox

Outlook.com gives you the best spam protection in the industry, with the best tools to get rid of the newsletters, social updates and daily deals so you can get to the email you want. Fast.

Outlook.com was built to help you get more done by integrating the information from social networks your friends already use. Office and SkyDrive are built right in, and with the Greymail out of your way so you can get through your email fast.

"Hotmail users can upgrade to Outlook.com and will get the new user experience but will continue to send/receive mail from their @hotmail.com address. Hotmail users that upgrade will use the same username/password to login; all their mail, contacts, and calendar items will still be available in the new user interface. Sometime in the future, we'll upgrade all Hotmail users to the new Outlook.com user interface." the company said. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign up at Outlook.com and reserve your @outlook.com id today!

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  1. Outlook 2010 is a better version for managing emails, contacts, notes in easy way. It has many attractive features like the ribbon, backstage, quick steps, social connector etc.
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